Afriplex is a South African company rooted in the development and manufacturing of botanical extracts, complementary medicines and food & beverage product solutions.

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Functional food and beverage solutions

Over the years we have developed the expertise to conceptualise novel and commercially viable product concepts for our local and international food and beverage clients

Today, through the utilisation of unique technologies, we have a proven track record when considering the innovation and development of value-added food & beverage solutions.

We specialise in developing tailored solutions for a niche market; combining excellent taste with health and functionality. Our food & beverage solutions are client specific and delivered in the form of a dry premix or concentrate, ready for final blending and packing once it leaves our facility. Through rigorous sensory evaluation exercises, our development team always manages to create flavour profiles in line with our client’s expectations.

The process starts in our Product Development Centre, where our team operates from a state-of-the-art research laboratory and simulation centre. This is where creativity truly comes to light; supported by the necessary technical skills and industry knowledge. The accessibility to a range of our own functional botanical extracts has given us the necessary edge needed to develop innovative, science-based health ingredients for utilisation in the functional food and beverage arena.

The end result is a market-ready functional solution and unique final product.

Product briefing and research


Simulation and Evaluation

Functional solution