Afriplex is a South African company rooted in the development and manufacturing of botanical extracts, complementary medicines and food & beverage product solutions.

We were established in 2001, with the original objective of unlocking the potential of traditionally used African botanical remedies. Today, our mission is to conceptualise novel CAMS (Complementary & Alternative Medicines) products for key clients, based on scientifically proven safety and efficacy data, manufactured and packed according to cGMP quality standards.

Our business objective is to create value for our shareholders, clients and employees by delivering innovative and cost effective solutions whilst utilising sustainable resources.

For information on COVID-19 please visit the below website:

COVID-19 Corona Virus – South African Resource Portal

From source to shelf

We take our products on a source to shelf journey by adding value throughout the supply chain.

Afriplex Frost and Sullivan

Winner of the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership

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