Our facility and quality system

Our manufacturing facility is situated in Paarl, South Africa and includes botanical extraction, separation and spray-drying equipment; tableting and encapsulation machinery as well as manual and automated liquid filling lines

Our facility gets audited on a regular basis by regulatory bodies such as the MCC, NAFDAC, FDA and SGS

Our commitment to adhere to full pharmaceutical cGMP standards is evident throughout our quality management system. Our quality control systems are in line with GLP and GMP principles. To keep pace with the current regulatory requirements and to ensure exceptional quality control, we expanded our quality control department by investing in the necessary equipment and qualified personnel.

In order to maximise our capabilities as an all-inclusive product manufacturer, we’ve invested in our storage, production and quality control facilities for it to include:

A temperature controlled incoming goods and final product warehouse with a total storage capacity of 1500m²

A technologically advanced reverse osmosis water system

Bulk liquid storage tanks with a total capacity of 35 Tons, resulting in a monthly output of up to 350 000 units

A microbial lab enabling us to perform microorganism quantification and pathogen detection

Three state-of-the-art raw material dispensaries

Plant extraction and separation technology, supported by membrane separation and concentration facilities

An instrument lab housing thin-layer chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography equipment

Three validated Constant Climate Chambers for long- and short term stability testing