Afriplex® Bromelain – The Enzyme That Stood the Test of Time

Apart from its dietary benefits, Ananas Comosus, more commonly known as pineapples, have been traditionally utilized as a universal healing component. Its proteolytic enzyme, Bromelain, has been the central focal point amongst Afriplex’s team of scientists concerning its topical wound healing, anti-inflammatory, digestive, and mucolytic properties.

Bromelain belongs to a group of protein digesting enzymes obtained from the stem or fruit of Ananas Comosus. It is made up of five related proteolytic enzymes. As these proteolytic enzymes are closely related, bromelain is internationally classified as a single enzyme. 

Afriplex® Bromelain range, delivered in Afriplex’s GMP facility, boasts a unique offering of tailored concentrations of the active component, suitable for different applications.  

Anti-inflammatory properties
Several studies indicated that Bromelain has powerful anti-inflammatory and coagulation-inhibiting effects. These effects are caused by the inhibition of fibrinogen synthesis, the increased amounts of the serum fibrinolytic activity and the degradation of fibrinogen as well as fibrin in blood. Bromelain also lengthens prothrombin time, meaning it can be used as a preventative measure against the forming of blood clots and platelet aggregation.

Topical wound healing
Afriplex® Bromelain, when applied as a cream, is beneficial for debridement of necrotic tissue and overall acceleration of the skin healing process. The enzyme assists in topical compositions for the relief of irritation, itching and inflammation of the skin. Bromelain also serves as the ideal agent for the enzymatic debridement of eschars formed by burns. 

Digestive support
Afriplex® Bromelain has proven to counteract effects of certain intestinal pathogens, namely Escherichia coli and Vibrio cholera, whose enterotoxin causes diarrhoea in humans and animals. The enzyme exhibits this effect by interacting with intestinal secretory signaling pathways. 
It improves overall digestion and permeability of the intestinal wall, increasing the uptake of nutrients as well as applied drugs from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood stream. 

Mucolytic effects 
Afriplex® Bromelain has an excellent distribution from serum to sino-nasal tissues, especially in patients with paranasal diseases. Its mucolytic effects help to break up and remove mucus. Due to the prominent anti-inflammatory properties’ bromelain possesses, it can assist with respiratory problems tied to asthma and allergies. 

Versatility in Afriplex’s Bromelain strength, from 80 GDU/g to 4,000 GDU/g, allows for various applications in different market sectors, including pharmaceuticals, functional topicals, veterinary and food supplements.

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