Afriplex Hosts a Series of Free Webinars Focussed on Cannabis & How It Can Benefit The SA Economy

Afriplex is excited to have partnered with  to create The  Cannabis Economy LIVE brought to you by Afriplex, which is a series of free webinars that allows access to a panel of experts in the cannabis industry for all our clients. Various topics will be covered throughout the series, with the main focus being on how cannabis can help rebuild the SA economy.

Danie Nel, Managing Director of Afriplex, says: “This webinar is an important tool that can assist with local expertise and know-how which can kick-start accelerated economic growth, especially post COVID-19. This can provide opportunities for job creation and successful exports since South Africa offers a safe and stable business environment in sub-Saharan Africa and is seen as a gateway into the rest of Africa and abroad.”

Afriplex is a forerunner in the medical cannabis field in South Africa with a strong presence in Sub Sahara Africa. We have a fully integrated approach to the cannabis market, offering processing services and manufacturing of cannabis based finished products, and offer the service of designing and construction of turnkey cultivation and processing facilities based on own technologies. Click below to see more about Afriplex’s offering in the cannabis industry:


Please join Joanne Joseph and our industry experts on 27 August 2020 at 09h00-10h30 for some much-needed clarity on the cannabis industry that is currently filled with a cacophony of misleading information. The following topics, addressing the local and international cannabis economy, will be covered in this session:

Green Gold or Fools Gold? by Mark Diuga (Managing partner of the AfriCan Growth Fund)

Let’s talk Cannabidiol by Sean Willard (Pharmacist, Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and National Training & PR Manager for Releaf Pharmaceutical)

Positioning the Western Cape as the Medicinal Cannabis Hub of Africa by Tim Harris (CEO of Wesgro)

The future of cannabis in the South African Economy by Bronwyn Williams (Economist, Trend Analyst and Futurist, Flux Trends)