Afriplex Returning to Its Roots as African Botanical Extracts Suppliers

After Aligning Itself With Role-Players In The International Food Supplement Arena, Afriplex Is Returning To Its Roots – Roots That Are Secured By Years Of Experience And Knowledge Of African Botanicals And Extraction Technology. The Company Would Like To Announce That It Will Again Be Supplying Its Well- Established African Botanicals And Extract Range To Its Customers. These Extracts Were Historically Developed For Applications In Various Industries, But With A Strong Focus On Client-Specific Tailoring.

Over the past three years Afriplex has expanded its capacity and acquired additional technology, allowing for the production of not only standardized extracts, but also API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for pharmaceutical applications. This expansion also allowed for the upgrade of the company’s analytical capabilities, while adding to the production capacity expansion of the existing facility.

The recently completed laboratory expansion places the company in a position to conduct analytical work independently, thereby ensuring better control and ultimately cost effective services to clients. As a validated facility it will ensure the integrity of Afriplex’s manufacturing process and support the company as a reliable service provider with regards to the development of CTD’s (Common Technical Document) as well as routine product laboratory testing. Afriplex’s capability to successfully conclude stability programs for its client base is now accepted as a reliable service to the industry.


Rooibos-(Aspalathus-linearis)Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis)

A range of different extract variants are available for wide-ranging applications.

Honey-bush-(Cyclopia-spp)Honey bush (Cyclopia spp.)

This extract, with its unique sweet taste and low calorific value is currently gaining traction in the USA and Europe and is punted to be the next popular beverage from Africa.

Rose hips (Rosa canina)

This extract is known for its unique glycosides and is currently formulated successfully in the beverage industry as well as in complementary medicine applications related to joint health. Being a recognized as a natural source of Vitamin C, the extract is often formulated in health tonics typically consumed during winter. Several human studies with rose hips showed pain-reducing properties, as well as a reduction in joint- related ailments. As herbal plant powders are usually not as stable and uniform as extracts, the transfer of the active ingredient into a soluble extract was developed by Afriplex. Rose hip extract is produced through aqueous extraction, followed by filtration and gentle spray-drying. The purified rose hip extract differs from other rose hip preparations by offering the following:

  • Strong anti-inflammatory effects
  • An analgesic profile
  • Excellent water solubility

Buchu (Agathosma betulina)

Historically Buchu was the first export product of the Cape of Good Hope to Europe, where it was used in various medicinal treatments including urinary tract infection, kidney stones, arthritis and muscle aches. The essential oil of Buchu consists of various flavonoids and sulphur containing compounds, the latter playing an important role in numerous established flavour formulations, e.g. black currant, grapefruit, passion fruit as well as a number of berry-related flavours.

The oil is listed by the Council of Europe as a natural source of food flavouring. Apart from the essential oil, Afriplex also supplies a water soluble Buchu emulsion that may be applied in flavour formulations as well as flavour enhancing applications. Afriplex has over the past ten years established itself as the leading producer of Agathosma betulina (Buchu) essential oil.

Afriplex’s Buchu is produced by their agricultutral facility, Hebron, an established GLOBALGAP certified farm producing a variety of medicinal plants earmarked for further processing.

Sausage tree (Kigelia Africana) Extract

The fruit of the Kigelia tree has been used for centuries to cure certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well as for the treatment of blemishes. In addition, the antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory properties of Kigelia are well researched and documented. The Afriplex Kigelia extract is currently used in various topical formulations which include applications for anti- aging and skin firming.

The company has been working on numerous fronts with international cosmetic companies to provide a Kigelia extract suitable for skin care applications. One example is the skin cream range of Dr Jackson. Dr Jackson’s products recently received positive publicity in Vogue UK as well as GQ magazines.

The creams contain the extract of Kigelia that was developed by Afriplex for this specific application. The product is on offer at Harvey Nichols in London and early indications shows a growing demand for the product at this outlet, leading to it being expanded to all Harvey Nichols outlets as well as in Liberty’s in the UK.