Afriplex Spreading Its Wings to The North

Afriplex is excited to announce that we have opened an office in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The new office will facilitate the company’s current marketing drive, creating awareness of our range of products and services that we provide to our existing and new clients in this region. Having a locally based office will ensure service excellence to customers in both Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Afriplex has appointed Wayne Robinson as Director of Business Development in the Gauteng office. Wayne was the Sales, Operations and Technical Director as well as the Responsible Pharmacist for a pharmaceutical manufacturer for last nine years. He is the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for the Health Products Association (HPA). Wayne is the HPA’s ITG-CAMS representative and sits on the Industry Task Group (ITG) that meet and interacts with the Medicines Control Council (MCC) and the Department of Health (DoH). Wayne’s appointment will play a significant role in expanding and servicing our Afriplex customer base through use of his invaluable skills, experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical, CAMS and Food Industry. Wayne’s leadership and guidance will strengthen and motivate the existing Afriplex team.

As part of our 2018 activities, we will host the annual Afriplex Technical Symposium in Gauteng during the third quarter of this year. We will assemble a host of esteemed local and international speakers who will discuss topics that will undoubtedly add value and relevance to the South African pharmaceutical landscape. The presentations will include talks on the manufacturing of cannabis-related pharmaceutical products, for both medicinal and research purposes. In addition, Afriplex’s quality services and products will be proudly showcased during the symposium. The programme, date and venue will be forwarded to our clients and guests in due course.

Afriplex’s presence in Gauteng is in line with the Afriplex commitment of adding value to our customer’s businesses – a commitment demonstrated by the Afriplex quality standards, our new product development drive, as well as our recent facility upgrades.