CloneLabs: Bolstering the local cannabis industry through modern micropropagation techniques

Afriplex is excited to announce that it has entered into an agreement to provide analytical services to CloneLabs (Pty) Ltd, a South African biotechnology initiative. CloneLabs provides licensed cannabis cultivators with the highest quality cannabis clones, propagated using the latest micropropagation techniques.

Micropropagation is an advanced biotechnological process used to rapidly multiply plant clones through tissue culture under controlled and sterile laboratory conditions. The benefits of this technique are significant. It allows CloneLabs to fulfil large scale order requirements in an extremely short period of time, with guaranteed true to type genetics, increased plant vigour and yields, and a pathogen free guarantee.

Michael Rosmarin, CEO of CloneLabs (Pty) Ltd, explained: “Our goal is to offer the highest quality cannabis starting material on the market. Helping us to achieve this is what we like to call, ‘the Afriplex advantage’. By utilising Afriplex’s extensive experience, exceptional quality control and commitment to full pharmaceutical cGMP, CloneLabs is able to ensure and maintain quality standards which consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. We are also fully leveraging the expertise that Afriplex brings with respect to the analysis and interpretation of complex cannabinoids extracted from our unique cannabis varieties.”

High quality starting material is critical to the industry and by bringing this service to Africa, CloneLabs is dramatically improving accessibility to quality starting material and reducing cultivation turnaround time.

Danie Nel, Director of Afriplex, commented on this new initiative: “The importance of having South African initiatives like CloneLabs positioned as essential industry enablers cannot be underestimated. Innovations spearheaded by companies such as CloneLabs will form part of what enables cultivators to maintain competitive advantages in both quality and pricing. In this, South Africa has the potential to lead the continent into a position of dominance in the global cannabis market.”