Afriplex to The Forefront with Immune-Boosting Functional Teas

Since the launch of Afriplex’s state-of-the-art Tea packing facility in 2019, several high-quality functional teas have been successfully launched into the local and international pharmaceutical and CAMS markets. The facility boasts cGMP compliance with a unique dosage system to allow for the formulation of a tea product with validated functionality. In addition to this it is designed with blending and plating apparatus as well as allowing for versatility in different packing formats.

Afriplex is currently the only manufacturer of CBD-plated Rooibos Tea. This tea range will now be expanded to include respiratory and immune boosting functionality. Afriplex’s Pelagon™ extract, produced from Pelargonium sidoides is well known to support respiratory health and will be applied to various teas in a liposomal format to ensure increased bioavailability and functionality. Similarly, in order to add immune boosting functionality, the company’s API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and botanical extracts will be used to fortify a range of teas. The latter may also include fortification with vitamins C and D as well as zinc.
This unique offering will be available in bulk format, bulk sachets, or packed in final packaging (client labelling).

For more information on Afriplex botanical extracts contact Mardi Brink at and for functional tea packing enquiries contact Nadia Kapp at