Respiratory Health – a sustainable solution

With winter underway and a global pandemic lingering, the worldwide focus is now more than ever on the maintenance of respiratory health. The current pandemic has confirmed the importance of a healthy lifestyle as a sustainable intervention to prevent bronchial infections and support general respiratory health.  

Respiratory diseases are characterized by inefficient transport of mucus through the lower airways, which can lead to muco-obstruction of the bronchi. These conditions include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); Emphysema; Tuberculosis (TB); Bronchitis; Asthma; Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS); Pneumonia and Cystic Fibrosis.

What causes hypersecretion of mucus?

Chronic hypersecretion of mucus can lead to airflow limitation and increased airway inflammation with mediators and retained inflammatory cells. This in turn, results in an increase in mucus secretion, infection, ciliary dysfunction, or inflammation, causing muco-ciliary clearance to be ineffective and resulting in automatic defence mechanisms like coughing. 

Using products that facilitates a strengthened immune system, combats viral infection, and assists in mucus discharge, is the first step to sustained respiratory health.  

What is good for respiratory health?

Afriplex offers a range of API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) & Botanical Extracts tailored to aid and assist in respiratory functions and promote bronchial health: 

Afriplex®PS70 is an API that is based on the specifications as tested and determined by the European Pharmacopoeia. The root of Pelargonium sidoides has been traditionally used for centuries as a herbal medicine for upper respiratory tract ailments such as coughs, fever, bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis. Pelargonium sidoides is a member of the Geraniaceae family that is native to the coastal region of South Africa. The root of the plant is used to produce this unique API. The use of the root extract as treatment of common cold is recognised in an herbal monograph released by the European Medical Agency (EMA) in 2013.

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Afriplex® Corac-Q is an API developed by Afriplex. This unique standardised product, an indigenous herbal extract from unfermented Aspalathus linearis, provides valuable nutritional support for your immune system. During the research phase, significant focus was placed on developing a process where the naturally occurring flavonoids in Aspalathus linearis were not compromised and where Aspalathin, Quercetin, Zinc and Vitamin D content is standardised. Quercetin has powerful anti-viral properties and protects the immune system against Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI’s).

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Afriplex® Bromelain is an API and a proteolytic enzyme derived from pineapples, traditionally utilized as a universal healing component. It has been the central focal point amongst Afriplex’s team of scientists concerning its mucolytic effect, topical wound healing, anti-inflammatory properties, and digestive support.
Afriplex® Bromelain range, delivered in Afriplex’s GMP facility, boasts a unique offering of tailored concentrations of the active component, suitable for different applications.

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Afriplex® Elderberry Extract

Elderberry is known to assist in the treatment respiratory infections such as colds, sinusitis, and influenza. Afriplex’s Elderberry Extract is a dark purple to violet powder with powerful antiviral activity. It is soluble in water and is suited for Food and Beverage, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical application. 

Afriplex® GRT

Afriplex®GRT is an API developed in partnership with the Biomedical Research and Innovation Platform at the South African Medical Research Council. GRT boosts the immune system and is high in antioxidants. Afriplex® GRT is unfermented Aspalathus linearis standardized on 14% Aspalathin. Aspalathin improves mitochondrial respiration.

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