South Africa’s First Cannabis Testing Laboratory at Afriplex

Afriplex is excited to announce the establishment of our dedicated Cannabis Laboratory. This is a result of the need to meet the requirements that the exploding cannabis industry has created for high quality processing and testing of cannabis oils and products in South Africa. This development has occurred over the last eighteen months and has been together with the tirelessly working to bring our cannabis processing facilities up to Department of Health and the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) regulations.

We have invested in a specialised team of experienced professionals and researchers to bring the Cannabis Laboratory online. It is our clear focus to Cannabis and Cannabinoid testing that has resulted in the South African Cannabis Research Institute (SACRI) nominating the Afriplex Cannabis Laboratory as the laboratory of choice in South Africa.

The Cannabis Laboratory includes an intricate security system which limits unauthorized access. Stringent, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) are in place to ensure correct control throughout the laboratory. Documentation and an integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) will keep track of: arrival, storage, client and partner research projects, details of samples from seeds and plants right through to the development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and other extraction samples of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN). The laboratory equipment will be maintained and serviced, calibrated, sterilized and decontaminated in accordance with good GLP and GMP practices laid out both by Afriplex and the SAHPRA.

Robert Longrigg, Afriplex Responsible Pharmacist says, “The Afriplex Cannabis Laboratory takes on a three-tiered approach: 1) Receiving, identifying and processing; 2) End product analysis and finally 3) Research and Development. The processing laboratory is set up to ensure reproducible and effective cannabis products by handling receiving aspects like investigating the appearance of the arriving, cultivated cannabis’ morphological and microbiological presentation to ensure the appropriate, respective cannabis strain has arrived on sight prior to the extraction process proceeding.”
Quantitative assays using GC-MS, GC or HPLC will be used to ascertain the volume of THC, CBD or CBN in the respective identification samples. Afriplex will make use of existing and create new libraries of identification markers to identify the stock arriving at the plant.
Samples from the final powders, tinctures, oils and APIs will be tested in the Cannabis Laboratory for stability, quality, reliability, and reproducibility in the same manner that Afriplex has prided itself in our current Quality Control Laboratories ensuring product excellence throughout our facilities.

“Afriplex will utilise and build partnerships with our clients, South African universities, medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, the SACRI and other international medicinal plant specialists. Together we will be able to run pharmaceutical, clinical trials on various cannabinoid products and Afriplex developed cannabis APIs to create new, innovative and patient specific medications,” said Wayne Robinson, Afriplex business Development Director.

The advanced innovation of our new Cannabis Laboratory establishes Afriplex’s footprint in the developing market of regulated cannabis production, distribution and research. The laboratory is just another manifestation of Afriplex’s ethos and our belief in quality medicinal products for the health benefits of South African patients. Experience the best CBD oils & products in South Africa – Afriplex from source to shelf.